Fun with Nostalgic Candy

Everyone has that special candy they grew up with that they remember quite fondly. Which candy they remember depends on when they grew up, but there will always be something. Some nostalgic candies just about everyone who grew up with them will love, but those are more likely to still be around. Then there are candies such as Necco wafers that you either love or hate.

With some of these candies seeing who enjoyed what is half the fun of the memories. When you don't quite know what else to give, making a gift basket can be a great way to give a present. You can put just about anything in a gift basket, but going for the nostalgia factor is a lot of fun. It makes a theme that is extremely flexible.

There are humorous ways to use this. Think about a 50th birthday party. Would a gift basket filled with candies that were popular 30-50 years ago be a great gift? Maybe combined with pictures from that time, especially focusing on fashions that are just horribly unpopular now? Or perhaps a sign or game from that era. Maybe someone has a favorite old movie. What goes better with an old movie than classic candies that might have been bought at the movie theater and popcorn? There's more you can do with nostalgic candy. You can throw a nostalgic party and include some of those favorite candies.

The theme can be a particular decade. Decorate according to the styles of that time, dress accordingly and try to have all your food be appropriate too. Candies you can't find in many stores can often easily be ordered online and in sufficient quantity for a good party. This kind of party isn't just for adults. Kids can get quite a kick out of old time candies and they are certain to be entertained by playing around with things from before they were born. They will also often enjoy the older candies, even if they don't taste much like many of the currently popular candies.

Nostalgic candy is a lot of fun. Candy isn't something you need to have all the time but it is fun to enjoy. It lets you relive some literally sweet memories.

Get together with some friends or tell the kids about how you enjoyed some of these nostalgic candies as you grew up. It's a fun way to tease a friend or relive a memory.

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