Why Do You Eat

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word count: 300 character width: 60 Title: "Why Do You Eat?" - by Kathy Thompson writing4u@faceuptoit-youcan.com (c) Kathy Thompson - All Rights Reserved www.faceuptoit-youcan.com "Why Do You Eat?" How many different reasons do you have for eating? Food is really any substance taken into the body to provide energy.

It is a material to keep your body strong and regulates bodily processes. Again, how many different reasons (excuses) do you have for eating? We sure put a lot emphasis on food in our society. Every time we turn around we are eating; celebrating, depressed, stressed, Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings, wakes, when angry, tired, sad, July 4, Valentines, birthdays, bored. The body knows what is needs and when.

The problem is, we don't listen to our bodies. Most of us usually eat when we are hungry, the first time we feel our stomach growling. For most of us this is a false hunger. It will go away.

Hunger is complex unpleasant sensations that build slowly in the stomach, throat, mouth, and head, and increases in intensity the longer you go without eating. Appetite is a pleasant desire for a specific food, and may have nothing to do with hunger. You may feel full, but still have room for dessert.

Satiety, the active mechanism in weight control, is the subconscious, often abrupt signal to stop eating. It tells you you have had enough to eat. Both hunger and satiety are regulated by the interaction of a number of areas in the brain responding to various stimuli. In most adults this mechanism maintains an ideal weight for 40 years or more. However, overweight people have this machanism discconected; their urge to eat is generally governed not by physical need, but external forces--such as mental states as boredom or fatigue and such incidental stimuli as remembering left over cake in the kitchen. The best rule of thumb is to eat only when hungry and just enough to satisfy your hunger.

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By: Kathy Thompson


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Why Do You Eat - Feel free to print/reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or website as long as you leave all the links in place.

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