More Tips To Improve Your Barbecue

Barbecue tips can cover a broad diversity of subject matter; from how to cook and achieve perfect results for hamburgers, cuts of meat, steaks, kebabs, chicken and vegetables, what type of grill is best to use and what type of sauces and seasonings to create an incredible flavor. Although a number of great barbecue tips may not be able to help turn any griller into an expert in barbecuing, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind for those who want to barbecue. Food Safety Tips Everyone must be familiar with the rules of food safety to avoid food-borne diseases.

1. Thaw meat and poultry completely in the refrigerator prior to grilling so that it cooks evenly. 2.

Marinated meats or seafood should be stored in the refrigerator. If marinade will be used for sauce, set aside some before placing the raw foods. You may use again the marinade but be sure to boil it. 3. Use a clean serving plate for cooked foods.

Do not use the same plate for uncooked and cooked meats. Bacteria from the juices of meat might spread in your grilled foods. 4. To prevent bacteria from spreading, use a well-padded cooler and put enough ice when transporting food to another place.

Pack the meat or poultry in a tightly closed container and put it right away in the cooler before you leave. 5. Check for doneness.

Cooking time varies depending on cuts, sizes or thickness of beef, pork, poultry or seafood. Barbecuing Tips A clean grill is very important. If you are having baby back ribs today, scrape away the charred remnants of salmon that you had the other day, it will probably affect the flavor and the taste of the food you are about to cook. After scraping the grill, wipe it with vegetable oil to reduce the likelihood of the food sticking to the grill. Grilling Meats 1.

Sear the meat to seal in its natural juice. This is done by preheating the grill on high for about ten minutes, or lighting the coal for about 20 minutes before you begin to cook. 2. For tender juicy meat, sear both sides of the meat quickly then set the heat to medium or if using charcoal, raise the rack. 3. Tongs should be used instead of fork when grilling meat.

Forks may prick the meat and will cause the meat to dry out. 4. Put reserved marinade for the sauce during the last minutes of the grilling period. Sauces mainly contain fats and sugar in it. If placed too early, it will probably burn.

Grilling seafood 1. To ensure even cooking, use a hinged wire grill basket. It can be simply flipped over to turn everything at once. It is great for grilling whole or fillet fish such as salmon, trout or snapper.

2. Watch the fish carefully so that it will not dry out or become rubbery textured. Heat should be at medium low because fish cooks fast. 3. Resist the temptation in turning the fish from side to side; it will cause the fish to tear apart. 4 .

For shellfish such as clams, oysters and mussels directly place them on the grill. The shells will open indicating doneness. Throw away those shells that do not open.

Extra Tips 1. A water bottle squirt may be used as an alternative if you do not have a barbecue brush. Just squirt out marinade and barbeque sauce into the food. 2.

A can of cola added to a barbecue sauce brings out subtle aromatic sweetness and flavor on the barbecue. 3. Simple side items such as salads, fruits and even cheese and crackers are great accompaniment. Why wait to have that irresistible smoky taste of barbecue? Now is the perfect opportunity to invite your close friends over, take out the ice cold drinks and fire up the grill!.

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