The Chaser Energy Drink

The Chaser 5-hour energy drink is unlike any other energy beverage currently available. In fact, it really shouldn't be categorized with energy drinks such as Red Bull, AMP, and Full Throttle. It isn't something you consume for enjoyment; it's strictly for an intense energy kick to help get through those tough days.As most of you probably know, Chaser became famous for helping people deal with hangovers.

You pop two of their pills and the aftermath of an intense night of partying will be much easier to handle. The 5-hour energy drink takes a similar approach. It's geared toward people who desperately need a major energy boost and want it to last throughout the day. Hence, the use of the term "5-hour energy".With regards to taste, it's decent, but not great.

Of course, as stated earlier, this isn't something you consume for enjoyment. It's more like a shot in the arm. In fact, it comes in a small, 2 oz. container that mirrors a shot glass. It's just enough to get your energy reserves back to 100%.

The lack of flavor could have something to do with the fact that there are only 15 calories, 0 net carbohydrates, and 0 grams of sugar. Few calories and no sugar usually equates to unenjoyable taste.Overall, the Chaser 5-hour energy drink isn't for someone looking for a tasty caffeinated beverage. However, it is perfect for someone who didn't get alot of sleep and has to face a rough day at work, someone who's looking for an extra kick during a workout or long run, or needs a pick-me-up after a long night of partying or studying.


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By: Patrick Austin


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