What Is Gourmet Coffee

Over the past 30 years marketers have tried thousands of tactics to sell things. We have heard the "Your to smart to be without this product" tactic. We have heard the "Everyone needs this product" tactic.

We have also seen the way that TV sells products making them more appealing then they really are. Has the coffee industry followed such tactics? Sure it has! Do you remember Folgers little jingle? "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup." That ad made Folgers famous! So, is the term "Gourmet Coffee" another sales tactic? No! Allow me to explain. Coffee is grown all around the world, and because of the many differences in governments, cultures, and religions people do things differently in other lands. So, how is Gourmet Coffee made? When you acquire coffee beans from different regions they for the most part go thru a similar process.

Beans are picked, dried, and sorted pretty much the same way. The differences are the climate and the elevation they were grown in, and the pesticides the farmers used to protect their crop. Those are just a few factors. We also need to consider the roasting process. The roasting process is as crucial to coffee as air is to our lungs.

If you under roast your coffee your coffee may turn out weak, and if you over do it your coffee will taste burnt. So, where does the word Gourmet fit in? The hardest coffee to acquire today is the Jamaican Blue Mountain. The reason is due to the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

This coffee is the most sought after coffee, because of its rich taste and divine smell. When roasted correctly this coffee is probably the best tasting in the world. What other factors makes coffee Gourmet? When Roasters add flavorings such as chocolate syrups, or caramel to name a few, these additives give your coffee a unique taste that is qualified as Gourmet Flavored Coffee. The definition of Gourmet is a fine food or drink that has been judged by an expert to be excellent. When coffee experts say that a certain brand of coffee is excellent then their credibility is on the line.

It better live up to the hype or their opinion and reputation becomes as worthless as the dust on a windowsill. If an expert deems a product as excellent then it has to be good. Right? Well, it should. We live in an imperfect world, but Gourmet Coffee is legitimate.

Many people around the world take pride in there coffee and when you find one that stands out you will find that it is in high demand. It cost more then regular coffee, but depending on your preference in many cases it is worth its weight in gold. Where do you find Gourmet Coffee? The best place is straight from a Coffee Roaster, and there are thousands to choose from. They all have different techniques, recipes, and philosophies about coffee.

The great thing about them is that they always have fresh roasted coffee. Some other places would be at a supermarket, but I highly advise against these places. The coffee is usually never as fresh as it should be.

I hope that this article was able to help you understand that Gourmet Coffee is real, and not a clever marketing tactic.

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