Wine and Food

Most people know that certain wines are best to accompany certain foods. The problem is remembering which wine goes best with which food. The basic rule is: white wine with fish and poultry dishes, red wine with red meats and cheese. The other "correct" choices, if you aren't on a strict financial diet, are sherry with the appetizers and port with desert. But remember that none of this is written in stone. http://recipedotcom.

com/dining/ There are always questions that arise when exotic dishes are served. What kind of wine should you serve if the main course is sautéed duck liver with peach and balsamic vinegar? That's a good question. It really is perfectly all right to be as bold and creative as you wish to be when selecting specific wines to accompany specific dishes. You aren't really required to follow any set rules like the rules concerning which fork to use. You can use the wrong fork, but you really can't serve the wrong wine.

The point is that the wine should complement the food and the food should complement the wine. If YOU think it does, then it does. http://recipedotcom.com/dining/ There are a great many choices in wines. There are dozens of white wines and even more red wines.

Each wine has its own personality. Each one will add to or distract from a particular dish. The trick is to determine which wine adds the most or distracts the least. And sometimes those really are the choices when exotic dishes are being served. http://recipedotcom.com/dining/ Just remember the simple basics (white wine with fish and poultry dishes, red wine with red meats and cheese) and then make your wine choices based on the basics and your own personal tastebuds.

You know what you like, and that will be the best choice. Thank you, http://recipedotcom.com/dining/.

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