Wine Storage

Have you ever wondered where the term "wino" came from? It is an offensive term that dates back to the Victorian Era to refer to a poor drunkard. Wine was cheap and considered a poor mans drink; hence, wino referring to a drunk poor homeless man. Whether this origin is true or not, wine has somehow climbed up the prosperity ladder. In the last decade, wine has become so trendy that wine connoisseurs are standard at most fine restaurants.

Furthermore, wine is not just a drink to drown your sorrows, wine also is an investment. To protect ones investment, wine storage has become big business and it is used by wine many enthusiasts. Wine storage is used by restaurateurs, wine connoisseurs, investors, and anyone who enjoys a good bottle of wine. Restaurants buy wine by the bulk and need wine storage for their wine surplus. Since most restaurants don't have storage space or proper wine storage facilities, restaurateurs use wine storage at a self storage business for wine preservation.

Connoisseurs know how to appreciate a good bottle of wine. As experts, they feel the need to care for a good bottle of wine like a mechanic takes care of his car. To preserve the wine's bouquet and the wine's body, wine connoisseurs recommend wine storage.

Everyone knows that wine gets better with age, so does the value of some wines. Wine investors know this. Also, they know how to protect their investment by using wine storage. Like baseball cards, if you don't preserve your wine collection well, it will lose its value. Wine storage is like sleeves for baseball cards.

Lastly, you don't have to be a wine guru to use wine storage . Wine storage is available to anyone with a large or small wine collection. You might be planning a party and need wine storage as a temporary place to hold your wine bottles. In fact, a wine layperson can order wine and have it delivered to the wine storage business. So what is the difference between wine storage and storing wine at home? Wine storage is designed specifically for wine. Each renters wine storage unit is individually locked in private vaults.

Wine storage is climate controlled at 55 degrees Fahrenheit with 60 percent humidity and low light exposure. These are the perfect condition that any wine guru will recommend. Unlike Vodka and whisky, wine is a perishable good. There is insufficient alcohol in wine to keep it well preserved. It's common knowledge, like birds fly, that wine gets better with age. But not all birds fly, and not all wine gets better with age; especially, if wine storage is not properly prepared.

Also, like all living creatures, wine reaches a point maturity point; then it starts to deteriorate. But if you properly take care of your wine like the human body, it will last much longer. If you bought a bottle of Chteau La Mondotte Saint-Emilion 1996, you probably spent around $608. If you own a bottle of Dom.

Romane Conti 1997 you spent over $1,540. That is a lot of money to spend for a quick buzz. But that's not the reason why you spent that much, is it? Protect your investment and use a wine storage unit near your.

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